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High-Repetition-Rate Credo Ti:Sa Lasers

The compact solid-state high repetition rate Credo Titanium:Sapphire-Laser is designed for applications where a wide tuning range and high pulse intensity with narrow linewidth is needed. Typical applications are atmospheric research, combustion research, material science, semiconductor technology, and environmental analysis.


Littrow design based tunable nanosecond Ti:Sapphire laser for repetition rates in the range of 1-3 kHz

  • tuning range: 690-1010 nm
  • pulse duration (FWHM): approx. 30ns
  • repetition rate: 1…3 kHz
  • output power 2.5 W at peak wavelength
  • beam size: 1 mm (typical)
  • linewidth: < 0.2 cm-1
Credo Ti:Sa - Energy Output
Credo Ti:Sa - Optical Layout

Credo Ti:Sa - Dimensions

All Dimensions in mm. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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CREDO Ti:Sa 10 kHz

Birefringent / Etalon tuned nanosecond Ti:Sapphire laser for high repetition rates of 10 kHz

  • tuning range: 690-950 nm
  • pulse duration (FWHM): approx. 28-50 ns
  • repetition rate: 3…10 kHz
  • output power 6.8W at 10 kHz at peak wavelength
  • beam size: 1 mm (typical)
  • linewidth: < 6 GHz (with etalon)
  • beam divergence: < 1.5 brad

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