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High-Repetition-Rate Pulsed Lasers

Our Different High-Repetition-Rate Pulsed Lasers

Tunable Ti:Sa Pulsed Lasers

Pulsed, multimode
λ = 206-1050 nm
1-10 kHz

Tunable, high-repetition-rate nanosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers with narrow linewidth
< 6 GHz. Wavelength extension with SHG, THG and FHG to the UV range.

Tunable Nanosecond Dye Pulsed Lasers

Pulsed, multimode
λ = 198-900 nm
1-150 kHz

Tunable, high-repetition-rate dye lasers with narrow linewidth down to 1 pm. Wavelength extension with SHG and THG down to the deep UV range.

Tunable Single-Frequency Pulsed Lasers

nanosecond pulsed, single-frequency
λ = 198-900 nm
1-150 Hz

Tunable pulsed dye laser amplifiers for the generation of reliable tunable single-frequency laser pulses.

Tunable Picosecond Dye Pulsed Lasers

Pulsed, multimode
λ = 370-780 nm
80 MHz

Tunable, high-repetition-rate synchronously pumped dye lasers with picosecond pulse duration.