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Standard Terms

1. Prices and Taxes

The prices shown in this catalog are in Euros (€), EXW our shipping point unless otherwise specified and may vary throughout the world due to shipping costs, special packaging or transportation requirements, duties, taxes and surcharges imposed in various areas.

Sirah Lasertechnik GmbH (Sirah) in Grevenbroich, Germany reserves the right to correct all typographical or clerical errors which may be present in the prices or specifications of a quotation. The prices listed in this catalog are subject to change without notice.

2. Quotations

All quotations are subject to final written acceptance by Sirah, of customer’s purchase order, including any exceptions thereto, before any responsibility for performance shall exist on the part of Sirah.

All purchase orders received by Sirah not in response to a quotation are subject to written acceptance by Sirah. All changes from the written quotation of Sirah must be approved and accepted in writing by Sirah. The customer is hereby notified in advance of Sirah objection to any proposed additional or different terms or conditions. Unless otherwise set forth in the details of a written quotation or proposal, all quotations are valid for a period of thirty (30) days from the date thereof. Prices based on quantity discount will change if order quantity is reduced after order is accepted by Sirah.

3. Delivery dates

Lasers: Approx. twelve (12) weeks after receipt of the order / Accessories: Approx. two (2) to four (4) weeks after receipt of the order / Optics: Approx. nine (9) to twelve (12) weeks after receipt of order. Sirah shall not be liable for any claims of damage by the customer resulting from any delay in shipping dates from those quoted. Delivery dates are subject to modification by Sirah.

4. Payment and Terms of Payment

Failure on the part of the customer to make full payment on all sums due Sirah as set forth in the quotation and these standard terms and conditions of sale shall constitute a material breach of contract by the customer.

Sirah may, at its sole option, thereafter proceed to exercise any or all of Sirah’s remedies for breach of contract. In addition, Sirah may charge and collect from the customer a late charge for any overdue balance due Sirah computed at the rate of 2 percent (2%) per month for the period of time said balance or any part thereof is overdue. Said late charge shall be added to any overdue balance.

If shipments are delayed by the customer, payments shall become due from the date when Sirah is prepared to make shipment. Products held by Sirah for the customer shall be at risk and expense of the customer.

We extend terms of Net thirty (30) days from date of invoice with prior credit approval. We do not offer cash discounts.

5. Installation

The terms of installation of Sirah products are written in the actual quotation.

6. Warranty and Limitations of Remedies

Sirah warrants that all products except optics shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of installation or from thirty (30) days after shipment from Sirah.

Optics and filters are warranted for ninety (90) days. This warranty is subject to Sirah products being installed, maintained, and operated in accordance with the operating and maintenance instructions accompanying the shipment.

Warranty shall be void if Sirah products are modified by the customer or used in other than the recommended manner or applications. In no case shall Sirah be liable for consequential or special damages.

Material under warranty will be repaired or replaced (FOB our shipping point) by Sirah. Sirah will provide an on-site field service representative in a reasonable amount of time, provided the customer issues a valid purchase order to Sirah covering all transportation and subsistence costs.

For warranty field repairs, the customer will not be charged for the cost of labour and material. Material not under warranty may be returned to Sirah for repair or replacement. Sirah will advise you of the cost and delivery time to repair the equipment, before beginning work on it.

7. Product Changes

All specifications and descriptions of the products in this catalog are current at the time of printing. However, Sirah is continually involved in product testing and improvement, and specifications are subject to change. We reserve the right to discontinue and modify any item without prior notice.