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High Power Nd:YAG Lasers

The Boston 500 is an all new, compact and versatile Nd:YAG laser. It is based on an efficient, single rod, oscillator only design. It uses a unique hybrid reflector pump chamber design that combines high efficiency with good beam profile. The balanced combination of energy and beam quality makes the Boston 500 the ideal choice for pumping dye lasers.
The mechanical and optical design is optimized for easy operation: the flashlamp is changed without affecting the resonator alignment, optics have high pitch precision screws, the harmonic box is air-tight. The power supply and control electronics are based on latest solid state technologies. IGBT switching is used to drive the flashlamp; multiple processors (and FPGA control) monitors and sets the laser operation.

Boston 500


  • Superior Mode Quality
  • High Pulse Energy
  • Long Flashlamp Lifetime
  • Low-Jitter Q-Switch
  • Multiple TTL Signals for Easy Control
  • Q-Switch and Long-Pulse Operation
  • Software-based Operation Control
  • Connection via USB or Network
  • Harmonics Generation and Dichroics in the Laser Head
  • Exact Timing via FPGA
  • Output Frequency Adjustable During Operation
  • Rep Rate Adjustable ± 10 % in 0.1 μHz Steps
  • Flex Rate Down to 0.1 Hz in 0.1 Hz Steps
  • Pump Chamber with Highly Efficient Ceramic Reflectors

Boston 500 - Sirah Control

Boston 500 - Optical Layout

Boston 500 - Dimensions

All Dimensions in mm. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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