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Release of the new compact single-mode TiSa-CW-laser: Matisse C

Give wings to your ideas

The Matisse C is a compact, sealed and fully automated design. It includes the pump laser and the reference cell while not exceeding an overall length of 720mm (see data sheets Matisse CR, Matisse CS and Matisse CX).

No change of optics due to broad band optics sets with tuning range up to 300 nm.

Actually Matisse C works under hands free operation with ELSA (Electronic Laser Self Alignment developed by Sirah) and special long term stable developed mounts.

During long term tests with temperature changes up to 12°C over the day Matisse C ran within specification.

Though this advantages there is no problem to make service in field. No need to send back the whole Matisse C system to factory.

Even upgrades, maintenance and optic changes for your special scientific demands are possible in the field.

The Matisse C series is available with three different spectral resolutions up to our flagship Matisse CX. This Pound-Drewer-Hall stabilized TiSa-laser provides the best spectral resolution commercially available.

We are proud to introduce our new compact TiSa-Laser

“Matisse C”

which we presented up and running for the first time on

in Munich June, 2017.