EagleEye, Optical Spectrum Analyzer

The EagleEye Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) is a compact unit for measuring the spectral characteristics of cw lasers. The EagleEye, like any other conventional OSA device, can analyse a laser spectrum by scanning the cavity. Using this approach the linewidth resolution is limited by the cavity finesse, which is in the order of some MHz. The EagleEye can surpass this limitation by using its unique lock, loose, look procedure. Using this approach, a much higher resolution for laser linewidths is achieved. The EagleEye can measure linewidths down to 20 kHz.

Free-Air coupled version. With cardanic mount for the alignment of the cavity. Adjustable lens coupling.


EagleEye FC

The EagleEye devices surpass this limit by using a lock, loose and look procedure. Using this approach, a much higher resolution for laser linewidths is achieved. Laser linewidths as low as 20 kHz are resolved.


Fibre-coupled version. With vibration isolated exterior housing of the cavity, fibre coupler, single-mode fibre.


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