Sirah Control

Sirah Control

Sirah’s pulsed dye lasers are controlled by a LabVIEW™ based software. The dye laser control program Sirah Control is designed to allow an easy operation. It is suitable for all requirements of common dye laser applications. Setting the dye laser wavelength precisely and performing elaborate scans on a mouse click as well as a comfortable procedure for the calibration of a frequency conversion unit are some of its useful features making Sirah Control a versatile tool for your daily work with your dye laser system. The program automatically detects the configuration of your dye laser and displays only the relevant controls for your specific system.


Full control of a pulsed dye laser via USB port.
Automatic recording of an FCU Table.
Various operation modes for crystals (pure auto-tracking, table-based, analytical curve, mixed auto-tracking).
Easy control over TCP/IP.
Automatic detection of laser configuration.
Field proven LabVIEW integration.
User-extension by plug-in programs.
Multiple color schemes.
Open source system. The complete LabVIEW™ code is published.





Sirah pulsed dye laser system with new electronics.
A control PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

Literature & Downloads

Sirah Control V 3.18 (223 MByte) Full installation package. Includes LabVIEW™ source files (see folder “AddOn” in program installation directory) for main program as well as source files for plug-ins.

 Sirah Control Version 2.6 for serial port controlled systems. For correct installation please extract the ZIP archieve. Then, execute “FullInstall.bat” as Administrator from there.