Standalone Autotracker


The Sirah Autotracker operates in combination with any pulsed laser system. It may be used for
second-harmonic generation (SHG), third-harmonic generation (THG), sum- and difference frequency
mixing (SFM, DFM). All these processes require precise phase matching of the fundamental
wavelength and its harmonic in the non-linear crystal. This is done using a high resolution rotary
stage. A second stage is used for synchronous rotation of a compensator. The phase matching is
measured by a two-area pyroelectric detector. The unit’s stepper motor is controlled in such way
that optimal conversion efficiency is maintained during wavelength scans and temperature changes.
The adjustment and operation is controlled by Sirah Control software running on every Windows based PC, using a USB port for communication. If sensor based tracking fails, a look-up-table algorithm can control the Autotracker. Please note that wavelength separation (Pellin-Broca Unit, dichroics, or filters) is not included, but required for operation.


Pyroelectric Detector

  • broad useful spectral range from UV (190 nm) to IR (12 µm)
  • immune to ambient light
  • high dynamic range

Versatile Housing

  • adjustable height
  • space for routing optics and wavelength separation

High Precision Sine Drive

Handheld Remote and Computer Control supported

Optical Layout

Autotracker Optical Layout

Wavelength Ranges

Process Crystal Compensator Tuning Range Separation
SHG SHG-206 C-BBOL 206 .. 220 nm WS-AUTO
SHG SHG-215 C-BBOL 215 .. 280 nm WS-AUTO
SHG SHG-250 C-BBOL 250 .. 380 nm WS-AUTO
SHG SHG-280 C-BBOL 280 .. 450 nm WS-AUTO
SHG SHG-XXL C-BBOL 220 .. 300 nm WS-AUTO
DFM DFM-2400 C-LINB 1500 .. 2400 nm OD-040
DFM DFM-3800 C-LINB 1800 .. 3800 nm OD-040
SFM-355 SHG-215 C-BBOL 215 .. 246 nm WS-AUTO

General Characteristics

Maximum Scan Speed 0.5 nm/min @ 10 Hz repetition rate
Max. Rotation Angle ± 24°
Repetition Rate < 100 Hz
Required Energy 1 mJ Output
Beam Diameter < 8 mm
Voltage 100 .. 250 V, single phase, 50/60 Hz
Computer Control XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8, USB port


Autotracker Dimensions

All Dimensions in mm. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Literature & Downloads

Datasheet Autotracker