Mixing with 1064 nm

Sum Frequency Mixing with 1064 nm

The SFM-1064 mixing unit is designed to generate laser radiation in the UV wavelength range, from 360 nm to 440 nm. It is operated together with a Cobra-Stretch or PrecisionScan dye laser, pumped by an injection seeded frequency doubled Nd:YAG laser. Generation of wavelengths around 400 nm by mixing is an alternative to the use of blue dyes pumped by the frequency tripled YAG. The advantage of this approach is the superior lifetime of the used dyes. On the other side a seeded pump laser is required, the set-up is more complex, and overall effciency is lower than with blue dyes.


The dye laser is operated in the red spectral range, from 545 nm to 780 nm. Its output beam is sum frequency mixed with the residual fundamental Nd:YAG radiation. A set of four Pellin-Broca prisms separates the generated UV beam from the dye and Nd:YAG beams.

Optical Layout

Tuning Range

Energy Output

Pump Laser Dye Laser Output Energy
UV energy output at 376 nm. See tuning curves for energies at other wavelengths.
850 mJ @ 532 nm PrecisionScan-D-24 38 mJ
680 mJ @ 532 nm PrecisionScan-D-24 28 mJ
550 mJ @ 532 nm Cobra-Stretch-D-24 23 mJ
425 mJ @ 532 nm Cobra-Stretch-D-24 18 mJ

General Characteristics

1) with secondary main amplifier, only possible with PrecisionScan dye laser
Wavelength range 360 – 442 nm (with 2400 lines / mm, single grating)
360 – 422 nm (with 2400 lines / mm, double grating)
373 – 450 nm (with 1800 lines / mm, single grating)
UV Linewidth <1.1x Dye Laser Linewidth
Maximum Pump Energy 650 mJ @ 532 nm
1000 mJ @ 532 nm 1)
Seeder for Nd:YAG Laser Imperative
Dye Laser Resonator 1800 lines / mm, 2400 lines / mm gratings recommended
Dye Laser Amplifier Enhanced Beam Profile cell recommended
Repetition Rate 10 Hz recommended
Crystal BBO, type I, SHG-280-T
Crystal Tuning Mode Look-up table (Autotracking optional)
UV Beam Polarization Horizontal, > 98 %
UV Beam Diameter (typical) 3 – 6 mm, depending on amplifier cell type
UV Beam Divergence < 0.5 mrad



All Dimensions in mm. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Literature & Downloads

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