Matisse 2 DR

Passively Stabilized Dye Ring Laser

In the Matisse DR dye ring laser, frequency selection is done by a birefringent filter, a thin etalon and a thick etalon. The unique mechanics of the long travel piezo mechanics allows single frequency scanning over 60 GHz without mode hopping. The Matisse DR can be upgraded into the higher resolution Matisse DS (cavity length locked to reference cavity by piezo controlled mirror) or DX versions (additional intra-cavity EOM), or converted into the Matisse TR Titanium:Sapphire ring dye laser.

Tuning Range

Matisse 2 DR Tuning-Range

Optics Set1) Millennia eV25 W Millennia eV20 W Millennia eV15 W Millennia eV10 W Millennia eV5 W
MOS-4 550..660 nm 550..660 nm 550..660 nm 550..660 nm 550..660 nm
MOS-5 650..780 nm 650..780 nm 650..780 nm 650..780 nm 660..780 nm
Max Power2) 6000 mW 4500 mW 3000 mW 1800 mW 800 mW


General Characteristics

Spatial Mode TEMoo
Beam Radius 3) 0.6 .. 0.7 mm (typical)
Beam Divergence < 1 mrad (half angle)
Linewidth < 20 MHz rms / 100 msec
Amplitude Noise 0,5 % rms above pump noise, added in quadrature
Scan Range 2) > 60 GHz
Beam Polarization horizontal


Pump Laser 4) Millennia Series
Ambient Conditions constant temperature in the 20..25° C range
Cooling required for circulator (~ 300 Watt)
Laboratory vibrational isolated optical table, dust-free air (flow box)
Computer Control XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10, USB port


1) non-standard tuning ranges upon request
2) at maximum of Rhodamin 6G
3) at Matisse output port
4) please contact Sirah for compatibility with other pump lasers

Optical Layout

Matisse 2 DR Optical Layout


Matisse 2 DR Dimensions

All Dimensions in mm.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
U.S. Patent 7,489,715

Literature & Downloads

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