Matisse CX

Pound-Drever-Hall Stabilized Titanium:Sapphire Ring Laser with Intra-Cavity Modulator

Sealed, fully automated design
Hands free operation
Broad tuning range (up to 300nm) with one optics set
Compact design with pump laser included, only 720 mm length on laser table
Extended scans over nanometers (requires wavemeter)
ELSA: Electronic Laser Self Alignment for hands free operation
Narrow linewidth: Best spectral resolution commercial available
Long term stable special developed mounts = no tweaking
Field serviceable: optics change, maintenance, upgrades

Special optics for enlarged tuning range (e.g. 2 W at 671nm)
Special optics for high power output
Intracavity EOM

Tuning Range

Matisse CX Diagram

Optics Millennia eV 25 W Millennia eV 20 W Millennia eV 15 W Millennia eV 10 W
Broadband 2)6) 4.3W 3.3W 2.45W 1.2W
Optic sets1)2) 5.8W 4.4W 3.2W 1.6W

General Characteristics

Spatial Mode TEMoo
Beam Radius 3) 0.4 .. 0.5 mm (typical)
Beam Divergence < 1.2 mrad (half angle)
Linewidth 4) < 30 kHz rms / 100 msec
Amplitude Noise < 0.12 % rms above pump noise, added in quadrature
Scan Range 2) > 50 GHz
Beam Polarization horizontal


Pump Laser 5) Millennia Series
Ambient Conditions constant temperature in the 20..30°C range, 80% max rel. humidity, non condensing
Cooling required for crystal (< 20 Watt)
Laboratory vibrational isolated optical table, dust-free air (flow box)
Computer Control XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10, USB port

1) non-standard tuning ranges upon request
2) at approximately 780 nm
3) at Matisse output port
4) relative to built in reference cavity
5) please contact Sirah for compatibility with other pump lasers
6) 700nm – 1000nm (+/- 20nm)

Optical Layout

Matisse CX Optical Layout


Matisse CX Dimensions

All Dimensions in mm.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
U.S. Patent 7,489,715

Literature & Downloads

 Datasheet Matisse 2 CX

Video: Matisse Autotune