Matisse Commander Software

Matisse Commander

Sirah’s Matisse lasers are controlled by a LabVIEW™ based software called Matisse Commander. It enables you to control a Matisse cw laser system quickly and easily. The software gives access to all control loop parameters, motor positions and signals acquired. Many day-to-day set-up tasks are managed automatically by this software.


  • Full control of the Matisse laser via USB port.
  • Automized setting to a given wavelength (with wavemeter).
  • Automatic stitching of scans for long scan ranges (with wavemeter).
  • Automatic stabilization of wavelength (with wavemeter).
  • Management of plug-in applications.
  • Integrated firmware update program.
  • Full scan control.
  • Open source system. The complete LabVIEW™ code is published.



Matisse laser system. Firmware version 1.13 expected.
A control PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.
A USB port for instrument communication.

Literature & Downloads

 Datasheet Matisse 2 Wavemeter
 Matisse Commander Software V 1.16 (298 MByte) Full installation package. Includes LabVIEW™ source files for main control program and plug-ins (see “AddOn” folder in program directory).