cw Ring Lasers

The Matisse Series is a family of single-frequency, ultra-stable, narrow linewidth tunable ring lasers. The systems are built to match the requirements of researchers at the forefront of high-resolution spectroscopy, atomic cooling and trapping, atomic clocks, and Bose-Einstein condensates.

Full Flexibility

The Matisse lasers are optimized for full flexibility. The design is modular, so any model can be converted or upgraded into any other model. In fact, almost all the upgrades can be performed in the lab.


Using a Titanium:Sapphire (Ti:Sa) crystal as gain medium gives access to the wavelength range in between 700 and 1000 nm with all the solid state convinience. The inherently quiet operation of the medium results in execellent linewidth and noise performance of the Matisse. To use the crystal’s full tuning range, three optic sets are required. Unique, indexed mountings allow rapid change of optics.


Using different dyes, a broad spectral range is covered. The wavelength of the pump laser sets the limit of the short wavelength side. For Nd:YAG based pump lasers this limit is about 540 nm. On the long wavelength side the system is designed for operation up to 900 nm.

The dye jet is formed by a high quality Sapphire nozzle. The careful polished surfaces of thís device enable a stable and low noise operation of the dye laser.

Thorough Design of Mechanics

The mechanical structure is an important, and often underestimated key to the successful design of single longitudinal mode laser systems.

The Matisse uses a reinforced steel baseplate and acoustically engineered housing. All Matisse components are designed to avoid acoutic resonances and are equipped with damping material.

    • Precision ball-bearing sliders are used for pump-optics, allowing easy and reproducible setting of the pump optics.
    • Quick change mechanism for the optic sets with indexed mounts.
    • Non-monolithic design without pronounced high-frequency resonances.
    • Fully user-adjustable piezo etalon.
    • External control for fine adjustment of the cavity without the need to open the laser covers.
    • Sealed housing to avoid optics contamination and easy purge with dry air.

Optical Design Features

  • Efficient laser operation, more than 3 Watt ouput power (with 15 Watt pump power).
  • Design optimized for the integration of an electro-optical modulator in the cavity.
  • Special long travel piezo for up to 50 GHz of mode hop free tuning with constant output power.

A New Approach to Ring Laser Control

Matisse ring lasers use a unique technology (U.S.A. patent 7.489.715) to control the single longitudinal mode operation. Powerful digital signal processing (DSP) technology is used to achieve lowest noise levels in the laser intensity. The unit is fully self-contained and the standard USB pot is used for parameter control only.