Pulsed Amplifier High Rep. Rate

Pulsed Amplifier 2xHRR

Pulsed amplification of continuous wave (cw) radiation is an ideal source for single mode laser pulses. Sirah’s new design for such an amplifier gives high peak powers while amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) is low. The system consists of two amplification stages optimized for high repetition rates.


Either a Titanium-Sapphire or a dye based cw system can be used as a seed source for the single mode radiation.
The input power should be in the range of 50 – 300 milliwatts. The complete amplifier set-up is integrated into a single housing. Inside the housing a doubling mirror or a third amplifier can be installed additionally. Two circulator systems are used with dye cells. To match beam diameters and to discriminate the broadband ASE from the signal a telescope with a diaphragm is used between amplifier stages.

Wavelength and Beam Characteristics

Repetition rate 1 kHz – > 10 kHz
Wavelength range 532 pumped 545 – 900 nm
355 pumped 374 – 560 nm
Linewidth < 180 MHz
Conversion efficiency up to <5%
ASE < 1 %
Divergence 0.5 mrad
Beam size (typical)
approx. 1 mm
Pump energies < 10 mJ/4…35 ms/max. 80 W        (2xHRR)
< 20 mJ/4…35 ms/max. 200 W      (3xHRR)


Seed laser power 50…300 mW
Seed laser polarization linear
Optical isolation > 30 dB
Cooling for dye solution 600 W
Laboratory dust-free air (flow box)
Voltage 110…220 V, single phase 50/60 Hz


additional amplifier for high energy-systems
SHG, THG frequency conversion


The graph shows the spectral profile of the pulses. The linewidth is determined by the pulse duration and shape (Fourier-limit) of the pump laser, in this case a non-seeded YAG laser.


Optical Layout


All Dimensions in mm. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Literature & Downloads

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